Our Mission

Founded in 1966, Mallobois is a specialist in massive european wood transformation: we master sawing, steaming, ripping, planing down and edge gluing. 

We exist to create customized products where passion and experience come together.

Our Offer

Since more than 50 years, we customize our offer for our customers: we provide the leaders of staircase manufacturing, specialized traders and furniture designers with ripped lumbers, planed massive panels, edged glued panels with no finger join.



Explain sawmill activity 

Etuvage & Stockage 



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Logs selection

We select our logs in local forests within a 100km radius distance


Logs cutting, lumber sawing & individual board grading

Steaming & Kiln Drying  

Lumbers are steamed and kiln dried. We have a large covered storage capacity.


Width ripping and length customization 


Products to be exported are loaded into containers thanks to our on-and-off loading platform

Planing down & Selection 

Lumbers are sorted together depending on their color and grain

Edge gluing

Planed lumbers with different width are glued together to build massive panels with no finger join

We customize our offer 

Our staff is used to produce dimensions and qualities according to our customers needs.

We leverage our experience and know-how in African and South American spieces to achieve technical and esthetic perfection.


We are specialized in European hard wood: light steamed beech, oak, ash grey and white and walnut. 

After more than 50 years transforming tropical logs, we have the know-how to manage specific requests. 



Our staff masters 


Thanks to recent and high-performance machines, the staff masters perfectly the successive stages of this integrated process. 

Our machinery: 

  • 1 horizontal saw high precision high capacity - Mebor

  • 1 700 m3 kilndryers - Cathild and Vanicek

  • 1 computer optimized Ripsaw - Raimann

  • 1 Band resaw series - Grecon – 34 box ejection

  • 1 Planer - Weinig

  • 1 High frequence gluing machine length 5000 – width 1250 – thickness from 20 to 100mm - Italpresse

  • 1 sanding machine Viet 2 x 3


We are certified PEFC.


In addition to be certificated, we care about the our ecological responsibility.

We make sure we source our logs in a max.100km radius our sawdust is being recycled for heating ends to lower our ecological footprint



Visit us

From Strasbourg: 55 minutes via A35

From Basel-Mulhouse Airport: 25 minutes via A35

From Frankfurt Airport: 3h by Fast Train (TGV) or via A5 & A35

From Zürich: 1h20 via A3 & A35

From Paris: 2h20 by Fast Train (TGV) 

Contact us 

Please call us at or send us a mail 


Tél : +33 (0)3 89 81 12 22

5 rue de la Forêt

68890, Réguisheim


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